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Solar Energy

Ever consider adding solar energy to your home but think it too complicated or expensive? Imagine having your own personal power plant in a 3 x3 foot space. All that and save money on electric too. 

Build Your Own Stuff

Get over 15,000 woodworking plans for things you can easily build yourself. Whether your an absolute beginner to a seasoned pro, you will find more than enough cool stuff to build…. great product to own!

DIY Smart Saw

This one is definitely interesting to say the least! This is a precise woodcarving machine that helps do DIY projects literally on auto-pilot! This guide shows you how to put this thig together yourself in just one afternoon… 

Don’t Throw Out Those Batteries! 

Imagine never having to purchase another battery in your life? Did you know you can recondition batteries and make them like new again? This is the one secrect that little pink bunny doesn’t want you to know about. Learn more here…

Ever wonder if  Mother Nature can provide you with the best plant medicine?